Monday, June 2, 2014

Love, Dolly Collection from Buxom

*** This is my 1st post like this....TELL ME if you'd like to see more, I'd love to know what you think!, XOXO ***

I have been a Buxom lip gloss fanatic for years and my color is Dolly! 

Dolly is one makeup item I cannot live without! I use it every day.

I went into Sephora yesterday for a refill and saw that the Dolly line has expanded! YAY!

There is a Full-Bodied Lip Gloss, Full Bodied Lipstick and Full-On Lip Stick along with the Full-On Lip Polish (that's one I've been using for about 6 years).

I went ahead and bought the Lipstick to try out and I'm in LOVE!

These are limited edition to Sephora and this limited edition line features a special 'kissed" cap.

I took some pictures for you.
The lipstick is creamy, doesn't seem to dry out my lips. I wore it alone and it lasted a normal amount of time with drinking coffee and water...maybe 2/3 hours before I had to reapply. There was still color on my lips after that long I just put more on to even it out.
 I also wore it with the gloss of top and that lasted me a few hours. I am used to reapplying my lip gloss a few times a day so this is a "normal" amount of wear time to me. It doesn't claim to be long-wearing.

The lipstick is such a perfect match to the gloss! It just gives you MORE Dolly, it's more pigmented of course and more matte.

Since this is a limited edition line and I'm not sure how long it will be around if I were you I would get it while you can! I will be buying a few of each to keep in my stash!

I hope this post was informative and something you'd like to see. Please let me know what you think, what did I do right or wrong, I would LOVE to know what you think!


Monday, July 23, 2012

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale mini haul

Hey there friends!
As I bet you already know...the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is in FULL swing right now!
I thought I'd share the things I bought this weekend from the sale of the year :)

If you don't know about this amazing sale, let me tell you.  Nordstrom offers some amazing Fall 2012 items for a sale price for a limited amount of time and then on August 6th the prices go up to their normal HURRY, HA!

I only got 4 things...for now...I have a few more I'm thinking about but needed to step away to do that, maybe there will be more to come!
there is a great deal going on for the clarisonic products
I got the Mia 2 in this cute lime green color
I've been wanting one for a long time and
finally took the plunge.

there were 3 different butter London sets at my
nordstrom and this is the color I chose: Rosie Lee
the polish is pure GLITTER, so pretty and
only $19 for the set!
1 butter London polish is $14 so this is a great deal
now these boots are SO different than anything I own...
my daughter actually says I'll NEVER wear them but we'll see!
they are just SO cool and unlike all of my 4 and 5 inch boots I wear.
UGG Fabrizia

these blue suede shoes are my FAVORITE purchase!
they are SO comfortable
(yes REALLY!)
they are 4.5 inches but have a 1.5 inch platform...PERFECT
and they are bright blue...which I do not have...until now.
Enzo Tanen

that's all for now.
hope you have a FABULOUS day!

Monday, July 16, 2012

lip gloss & lip butter haul

I sort of bought 5 new lip glosses/butters this weekend and I didn't really mean just happened!
So let me tell you what I got!

revlon lip butter in
peach parfait, candy apple & gumdrop
so what do I think?
I already have glosses from Buxom and Josie Maran, I have about 11 of the Buxom glosses and 1 other of the Josie Maran line and I love them both, that's why I bought more!

The Josie Maran gloss is creamier/thicker than the Buxom, it just feels very different on my lips.  This color is gorgeous, really, not as bright as it seems, more plum colored and lovely!

The Buxom is my #1 favorite brand, always PERFECT and this color is SO pretty and pink!

The Lip Butters are totally new to me and just were a late night Walgreens spur of the moment purchase.  I'd heard of them but never used them.  They are FABULOUS.  very pretty sheer shades (the 3 I got) and they feel nice on the lips!
They aren't GLOSSES or lipsticks they are more like a lip balm and that's how they feel on. 
They are shiny and the colors that I got all look different...some glosses or lip balms that are sheer like these look the same but these are colorful :)

and this is what is in my purse RIGHT NOW...craziness!
yes it weighs a lot.
See you soon, have a FABULOUS day!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Summer Tops from Target

Hey there :)

I went shopping yesterday with my friend Sherry to get q-tips and toilet paper and ended up with 2 CUTE Summer tops.

This one I'm wearing today to work but with a short sleeved black cardigan and white capris and it's cute and dressy enough for work...this weekend I'll wear it with white shorts to the BEACH!  It's super SOFT and comfy!

I got this one in this bright lime color and I plan to wear it to the beach this weekend, too!
It's the same soft material as the one above and this color is SO perfect right now, anything neon, bright is fabulous!
Hope you like these tops as much as I do, they are SO CUTE!
Have a fabulous day!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

sunless tanning

I gave up tanning.
tanning in the tanning bed and by the sun
no more for me.

I'm saying it's all because
I don't want skin cancer
but my husband says I should stop lying
and admit it's because I don't want wrinkles.
so it's a little of BOTH, what can I say?

I've tried a few sunless tanning routes.

the 1st was from Sun Systems:

and I didn't really like it...and it
smells strong!
but it has lots of good reviews on Amazon
so I gave it a try.

The one I'm using now is St. Tropez bronzing mousse
Sephora's best selling self tanner.
one of their best selling overall items...
and it's good, not bad at all but
not perfect.
and I'm looking for perfect.

I've also been getting spray tans
and now they say they can kill you too!
the place I go to uses a Versaspa machine.
this machine is pretty good
the only problem is around the feet and hands
it's always splotchy and I'm never sure
if I'm supposed to rub it in or wipe it or pat it afterwards.
it's a little stinky, too.

I've also gotten a few of custom airbrush tans
and they are the best but take longer to get done
and you have to get all (or mostly) naked in front of someone....
it's not the most convenient tan.

I think I'm going to go to Nordstrom and
get the Xen Tan kit they have there.
this stuff is pricey but maybe it will be PERFECT?
we'll see.

How do you get tan?

Monday, June 25, 2012

pretties from the sea

I'm in the mood for something 
so I hit etsy to see what's up:

{click on the pics to go to site}




I hope you enjoyed seeing some pretty things today.

Have a fabulous day :)

Thursday, June 21, 2012

summer makeup I love

I want to share a couple of new (to me!) things that I am really in love with for Summer right now!

First is a new mascara I recently bought.  I've never used a waterproof mascara before, never felt like I need to.  I've used Mary Kay's Ultimate Mascara for years and really like doesn't smudge or run, it's a great mascara.
But I wanted to try the waterproof mascara by Urban Decay, Cannonball.  I'm thinking I can use it at the beach or when it's SUPER hot, just for a little something new and different.
Well I am SO glad I bought it and I've been using it every day this week and it's AMAZING!

Not only is it SUPER I can't really get it off so that's why I've been wearing it all week........LOL!
No, really I need some eye makeup remover stuff to get it off...I'll be finding some today after work ;)
It also has tiny fibers that lengthen your lashes beyond belief!
I've tried about every mascara there is and this one is a keeper!

I also LOVE a lip gloss that I got in a cool kit on Sephora by Josie Maran that I bought on a whim.
The kit is called Beautiful Bronze:
The lip gloss in it is called Precious and it is SO PRETTY!  I typically don't wear pink lip glosses but I am in love with this one.  Besides the lip gloss the bronzer is GORGEOUS and this mascara is very thickening, I like it too :)
You can get just the lip gloss HERE but for the price that kit is well worth it!!  The mascara is a full size and so is the lip gloss, can't beat that!

I'll be back soon...PROMISE!