Thursday, March 31, 2011


I have an urgent DEAL alert for you!
URGENT because it won't last long, promise!

Hautelook has Urban Decay today!
eye shadows are $5.00 (normally $17)!
their new blush, Afterglow, is $5.00!
and other good stuff, too!


Happy Shopping!

Friday, March 25, 2011

What Do You Want & Some 411

I thought for today I would tell you a few more things
about my blog and also find out what YOU want me to do here.

I should say 1st that the picture in the banner is sort of "Jimmi"
but not in some ways ;)
for one I don't really wear ponytails...unless my hair is a mess!
and also I don't have any credit cards...only my bank checkcard
so that's what she's holding in her hand ;)
But I'm mostly a cash girl!
and you know what?
People look at you like you are crazy when you pay with cash!
Makes. Me. Crazy!
it's like they think you are handing them a rotten egg
and don't get me started on how many times I have gone to
pay for something and they NEVER have change....
sometimes not even for a $20 bill!
and NEVER for a $50 or $100...
I just have to walk away without my lunch or shoes...very sad.

So about the posts here...WHAT DO YOU WANT ME TO POST ABOUT?

I'm thinking I will share some fabulous SALES and DEALS with you.
and my favorite clothes and makeup and shoes.

I can do reviews of products I use.

I can do photos.
Maybe one day I can do videos,
I will have to learn that though.

Anything else you'd like me to talk about?

Don't forget to FOLLOW ME!
and SHARE me with your friends and family and everyone!
and when we hit 100 (shouldn't be long!)
I will give away that Urban Decay Preen palette!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Let's Start with Our Eyes...and a little giveaway...of URBAN DECAY!!!

Welcome to my new blog!

On this blog I'm going to share my favorites of everything,
and some reviews and ideas and lots of FUN!!!

Let's start with my #1, favorite eye shadows!
They are all from Urban Decay!

The shadows I use the most are from the Naked Palette.
I really think it's a palette that every single girl needs!
I wear it to work toned down and if I go out after work
I darken it a little and SASS it up a bit or I add some
of the brighter colors from the other Urban Decay palettes.

here is the palette:

Honestly it's HEAVENLY.

let me show you a NOT great picture of my eyes RIGHT NOW...
This is after all day at work, wearing this for 12 hours straight now.
I use the UD shadow primer and it works!

OK, promise me if you make this won't JUDGE, HA!
I have been wearing this for 12 hours and I think it still looks pretty darn good...
but the rest of my face could use some rest!

This is my day eye, for work.
I used primer,
Naked (all over lid),
Hustle on outside corners of eyes and in crease,
Toasted over all of that,
Sin under brow and inner tear ducts.
All shadows from the Naked Palette.
The liner I used today is Rockstar (UD also - we will talk about these soon!).

Since this was for work I didn't use much shadow,
I got some on the brush and then I tapped it off to make it lighter...
important step especially when using these SUPER
pigmented shadows, they can be potent if you need them to be!

Now if I were going out tonight to dinner or something
I would have come home and added more Hustle
and more eyeliner on top and a lot more underneath...

And you can do this with ANY other brand
using similar shades and/or technique!

Now that I shared that little bit of info how about an
don't faint, OK???
This is an eyeshadow palette that I have, brand new
unopened, unused for YOU (I have one, too)!
It's the PREEN Shadow palette!
and it has a small primer in it, too!
I promise you will LOVE IT!

here's how this will work!

I need Followers!
 >>>>FOLLOW ME <<<<
and when I have 100 Followers I will give this away!
This is a HUGE prize, well for me it is...
I know I would LOVE to win this!
I'd go crazy to win something like this!
and YOU need this!
SO share me with your friends, share me on Facebook!
add me to your Google Reader, do whatever you have to!
I will choose a winner in 1 week, NEXT Wednesday at 9:00am EST

and I am hoping that every single month I will do a giveaway
of something I LOVE!


please leave a comment so I know you are following me!!!

Coming Soon!