Monday, April 11, 2011

Can You Do Blue Eye Shadow?

Blue eye shadow is A-OK!

Today for my eyeshadow I went AQUA with my Cover Girl (crystal waters) eyeshadow...I LOVE these colors, I really hope it's still available but if not I am sure there are other companies that make something similar.

Let me show you:

See I totally matched my outfit to my eyes...
something that I think is FUN to do
every now and then!

I put the darkest color in the palette into the crease.
Then I went over it with the 2 lighter shades
on the same eye shadow brush, I just mixed them together.
Then I put some of the white shadow just under my brows.
I added a little bit of the darkest shade again
using an eyeliner brush.

Here's a link to my FAVE eye shadow brush and liner brush (and they are $1.00)
Shadow Brush
Liner Brush
(They should have them at Target, too!)

What do you think of BLUE shadow???
I'd LOVE to know!


  1. I'm actually wearing blue shadow TODAY! I have the Ammo Palette from UD and love it!

  2. I do wear some blue shadows. And it's fun that you like ELF, I order from their website too. But their foundation isn't my favorite. Have you tried Everyday Minerals?