Wednesday, August 10, 2011

HELP ME decide

I want one of these gorgeous bracelets from sweet Eryn's store, Vintage Glam....but which word should I get?

I'm getting the black bracelet, maybe the brown, too?

Take my poll :)

Monday, August 8, 2011

What I Bought

Long time no blog...I know...sorry.

So this weekend my sister and I went shopping and I got some stuff!
from New York and Company, of course...using a $70 off $150 coupon {promo code 5210}.

here's what I got, mostly Fall stuff so I have to be tortured by looking at it all in the closet for months!

this sweater...true love.

these grey work pants were in bad shape and these are SUPER comfortable and a perfect length...I love the 7th Ave.

this shirt...very different for me.  normally I don't do patterns unless its a tank under a cardigan but I loved these colors and pattern...

this t-shirt...cause it was 50% off with the purchase of the sweater above...I'll probably never wear it but it's CUTE, HA!

new jeans...
I normally don't buy NY&Co jeans, they just don't fit me right...until now, I'm loving the new fit and new styles.
PLUS all pants/jeans are buy one pair and get the 2nd pair for $10!

and here's something I ALMOST bought today...I'm trying to hold out but it would be so pretty on my new bracelet...hmmm...I'll think about it some more.

Oh I bought this stamping stuff, too and it JUST came in the mail to my office about 5 minutes ago.