Thursday, June 21, 2012

summer makeup I love

I want to share a couple of new (to me!) things that I am really in love with for Summer right now!

First is a new mascara I recently bought.  I've never used a waterproof mascara before, never felt like I need to.  I've used Mary Kay's Ultimate Mascara for years and really like doesn't smudge or run, it's a great mascara.
But I wanted to try the waterproof mascara by Urban Decay, Cannonball.  I'm thinking I can use it at the beach or when it's SUPER hot, just for a little something new and different.
Well I am SO glad I bought it and I've been using it every day this week and it's AMAZING!

Not only is it SUPER I can't really get it off so that's why I've been wearing it all week........LOL!
No, really I need some eye makeup remover stuff to get it off...I'll be finding some today after work ;)
It also has tiny fibers that lengthen your lashes beyond belief!
I've tried about every mascara there is and this one is a keeper!

I also LOVE a lip gloss that I got in a cool kit on Sephora by Josie Maran that I bought on a whim.
The kit is called Beautiful Bronze:
The lip gloss in it is called Precious and it is SO PRETTY!  I typically don't wear pink lip glosses but I am in love with this one.  Besides the lip gloss the bronzer is GORGEOUS and this mascara is very thickening, I like it too :)
You can get just the lip gloss HERE but for the price that kit is well worth it!!  The mascara is a full size and so is the lip gloss, can't beat that!

I'll be back soon...PROMISE!

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