Monday, July 16, 2012

lip gloss & lip butter haul

I sort of bought 5 new lip glosses/butters this weekend and I didn't really mean just happened!
So let me tell you what I got!

revlon lip butter in
peach parfait, candy apple & gumdrop
so what do I think?
I already have glosses from Buxom and Josie Maran, I have about 11 of the Buxom glosses and 1 other of the Josie Maran line and I love them both, that's why I bought more!

The Josie Maran gloss is creamier/thicker than the Buxom, it just feels very different on my lips.  This color is gorgeous, really, not as bright as it seems, more plum colored and lovely!

The Buxom is my #1 favorite brand, always PERFECT and this color is SO pretty and pink!

The Lip Butters are totally new to me and just were a late night Walgreens spur of the moment purchase.  I'd heard of them but never used them.  They are FABULOUS.  very pretty sheer shades (the 3 I got) and they feel nice on the lips!
They aren't GLOSSES or lipsticks they are more like a lip balm and that's how they feel on. 
They are shiny and the colors that I got all look different...some glosses or lip balms that are sheer like these look the same but these are colorful :)

and this is what is in my purse RIGHT NOW...craziness!
yes it weighs a lot.
See you soon, have a FABULOUS day!


  1. I use lip butters all the time and I love them. I've really been loving the Revlon Kissable Lipbalm Stains or something like that. They look like a jumbo pencil.

  2. love lip butters and glosses! I am currently using philosophy's Kiss of Hope lip treatment and then Stila Kitten or Smashbox over it. Smashbox are great but they don't last very long :( LOVE this blog, my friend!